Michal G. Dzitko is a Polish multimedia artist working in Chicago

Dzitko was born in Lublin, Poland, moved to Bedford, U.K. at thirteen, and then settled in the U.S. as a student at the University of Chicago, majoring in Economics and Music. 


Dzitko comes from the classical tradition but stretches it to find its modern limits. His education started in Poland, studying at the National Institute of Music (PIM), and now continues under Marta Ptaszyńska and Augusta Reed Thomas in Chicago.


In 2015, Dzitko debuted his first album - Bokeh - performed by Stephen Farr, director of music at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Bokeh is a collection of modal post-minimalist music for organ. 


Dzitko is currently working on his second opera commission. It will be premiered in Chicago in the year 2020 directed by The Floating Opera Company.