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I am currently working on "STOODIO," a platform that acts as a connector between emerging visual artists and collectors.

The gallery ecosystem is infamously opaque and extortionate. STOODIO will offer emerging artists an alternative to pursuing this career path in a way that has their interest at heart.


The platform is currently under construction.

Check back in early 2022 to check it out!


After a visit to Adi Hollander's studio in Amsterdam in 2021 and briefly working on her Otherabilities project, I became fascinated with translation between sonic and haptic experiences. 


I plan to explore my thinking in this area through a multimedia installation in 2022/23. My focus will be on rendering the harmonic series visible and physically tangible. 


I was approached by The Floating Opera Company in 2019 to work on "Hunter," an opera about the life, work, and death of Hunter S. Thompson.

Though the project is currently on the back burner, I plan to build on my experimentation with the operatic form and focus on this project in the near future.

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