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After identifying that a common problem faced by artists and academics at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago is how siloed their work feels, Collabrio was created to help. 

The platform finds new connections for users by identifying other artists and academics with complementary interests, study areas, professional goals, and more. 

Pairs of users determined by an algorithm as a "match" are sent an automated email along with a conversation starter.

Currently, the platform is limited to serving the SAIC community but is likely to scale to other academic institutions soon.

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                                      Soundscapes of Color

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KDE Photography inc.

Soundscapes of Color is a chamber opera by Michał Dzitko


 Stemming from a fascination with spatial music and participative   listening, this opera eliminated the conventional separation between   performers and audience.


 Through engineering the possibility for remote conducting,

 a technique equipping each live performer with a live feed of the   conductor, an immersive sonic art gallery was created. 


 The audience was then freed to roam and explore the performance   guided by sounds, a programmatic light show, and choreography that   captivate them, highlighting the tacit agency listeners have over   their musical experience. 

 Commissioned by author Esther K Smith and fine-print publisher   Purgatory Pie Press, the opera is based on a libretto of an 1874   typography and ink catalog, Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type. 

Past Performance Dates


May 16th, 2017

Rizzoli Bookstore

1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010


July 30th, 2017

Flux Factory Major Exhibition

39-31 29th St, Long Island City, NY 11101


April 22nd, 2018


6018 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60660


May 5th, 2018

Smart Museum of Art

5550 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60637


KDE Photography inc.

"The quality of the concept itself makes this performance worth a visit" 

   - Steven Heller, former art director, 

New York Times

Rizzoli Bookstore teaser show

"Existentially dizzying and aesthetically pleasing" 

   - The Chicago Maroon

Gallery 6018|North show

OnRecord is a free platform for musicians to find like-minded collaborators online. 

Based on complementary genre interests, skillset, proficiency level, and other attributes, the platform algorithmically matches musicians into temporary bands to collaborate on new projects. 

The genres we currently support are Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Singer-Songwriter. As we come out of the beta version, we will add new genres suggested by our users.

Started at the University of Chicago as a way to connect disparate collaborative circles of musicians, the platform serves over 500 users worldwide. 
Join Now!

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Bokeh Cover Art Michal Dzitko



"One of the most intriguing organ releases...


                                                                   - Choir & Organ Magazine

"Clearly influenced by pop-music; a pleasant overlap between classical listening and ambient/instrumental pop"  

                   - Carson Cooman, Composer-in-residence, Harvard University

Bokeh (title track)Michał Dzitko
Bokeh - Harmonies Du SoirMichał Dzitko
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Score to Bokeh (title track) // Listen in the player above

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Earlier Music Works                                       



- Études  

          o  the entirety of Chopin's Etudes reimagined as 

                                                                  hip-hop tracks

          o  (currently in progress) 


- Hunter 

          o  opera commission about the life and work of 

                                                         Hunter S. Thompson

          o  (currently in progress) 




- Variations on a Theme of Chopin  

          o  for marimba and bassoon

          o  premiere in Chicago, IL on 30/11/2017


- Petrichor 

          o  for marimba and piano

          o  premiere in Chicago, IL on 30/11/2017




- Soundscapes of Color 

          o  for operatic voice, live ensemble, 

                                                    and electronics

          o  premiere dates vary 


- 4 a.m. Library Drills

          o  for SATB choir





- Candeō

    i. Hungarian Sun

   ii. High Windows

  iii. Smoke & Bells

          o  for flute and viola

          o  premiere in Chicago, IL (May 2016)


- Two Memories of Nature

    i. Petrichor

   ii. Kulig

          o  for two marimbas

          o  sent to the Polish Institute of Music


- Bokeh

    i. Bokeh

   ii. April Showers

  iii. Dancing Mad

  iv. Alluvion

   v. Copenhagen at Night

  vi. Harmonies du Soir

          o  for solo organ

          o  premiere in London, England (March 2015) 

          o  set to dance in Chicago, IL (April 2015)

          o  released online worldwide (November 2015)


- Looking Back

          o  for piano and violoncello

          o  premiere in Chicago, IL (January 2015)





- Downtime

          o  for solo piano

          o  premiere in Bedford, England (December 2014)


- Gupstep (Quiet Please)

          o  for solo electronics

          o  premiere in Bedford, England (December 2014)


- Silent Pique

          o  piano quintet

          o  premiere in Bedford, England (December 2014)


- 17' 18''

          o  for prepared piano





- Memories of Paris

          o  for extended orchestra

          o  premiere in Bedford, England (October 2014)


- Variations on a Frozen Lake

    i. The Frozen Lake

   ii. Blues

  iii. Reds

  iv. Fugue

   v. Finale

          o  for string quartet

          o  premiere in Bedford, England (May 2013)





- The Forest Suite

    i. The Spirit

   ii. Chrysalis

  iii. The Lone Stream

  iv. A Villain Within

          o  serialist suite set to poetry for solo piano





- Paseggiatta in Autunno

          o  for string quintet

          o  Runner-up in Bedfordshire Composition Competition


- Piano Suite

    i. Prelude

   ii. Invention in 2 parts

  iii. Polonaise

  iv. Tragedia

   v. Romance

  vi. Waltz

          o  for solo piano


Philip Glass Michal Dzitko

"I love beer because it at least has the decency to always taste the same"

- Philip Glass


Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.55.30

Candeō, movement II - High Windows (listen in player below)

Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.55.45

Candeō, movement II - High Windows (listen in player below)

Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.55.55

Candeō, movement II - High Windows (listen in player below)

Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.56.05

Candeō, movement II - High Windows (listen in player below)

Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.56.14

Candeō, movement II - High Windows (listen in player below)

Candeō, mvt.II - High Windows Michał Dzitko
A Silent PiqueMichał Dzitko
Michal Dzitko - Chrysalis

 The Forest Suite, mvt.II  -  Chrysalis ​

 Click above for a preview 

 of the Soundscapes of Color libretto

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